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AZ Model's 1/72 scale
Zlin Z-326 Trenér Master

by Mark Davies

Zlin Z-326 Trenér Master

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Please see my “First Look” review of this kit on Hyperscale nearly two years ago for background on the type and a description of the kit contents.





I started this build thinking it would be over and done with in a few days. Instead, the kit sat around almost finished for 18 months or so. I’m accustomed to limited-run kits and the need to adjust parts for fit etc. The main problem I recall with this one was thinning one of the wing halves down so that both wing roots were of similar thickness.  Most of the remaining airframe parts fitted ok, but most needed a bit of filler here and there.



The worst feature of the kit is its instructions that do not make the options and PE part fitment all that clear. The kit comes with two props and from what I could determine my version needed the worst formed of the two. I thinned down the blades, removed the lop-sided spinner and added two plastic card discs to both sides and used the tip of a spare drop tank as a spinner. Although far from perfect, the result looked better than the original kit part. The instructions were also unclear regarding PE torque links that I could not find, and the use of two unusually shaped PE parts that may have had something to do with aileron actuators. I couldn’t work it out even after looking at photos of the real aircraft.



The canopy was easy enough to cut out, but I had to build up the fuselage slightly with scrap spastic at the rear to meet it. This could have been due to a cutting error on my part rather than a fault with the kit.



The undercarriage legs are a bit clunky and they and the wheels need some cleaning up. I added my own torque links and brake lines.  Painting was with a mixed colour to approximate the box-art as no specific colour reference was given. The decals went on well, and whilst quite strong are very thin. The smaller ones are inclined to fold back on themselves, and this can be a bit problematical. 





I think the project stalled because it had not gone as smoothly as I expected, and the fact I had plenty of other projects to distract me. Once I refocussed it was finished quite quickly. To be fair, it’s not a bad limited run kit, and results in an attractive fished subject.



However AZ would do well to lift their game with instructions to make things a little clearer.

Thanks to Legato for the sample kit

Model, Images and Text Copyright 2009 by Mark Davies
Page Created 17 June, 2010
Last Updated 17 June, 2010

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