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UMM Scriber “Universal”
& 3 Detail Riveter


S u m m a r y

Stock Number and Description Scriber SRC-01
3 Detail Riveter:  1/32 MN024; 1/48 MN023; 1/72 MN022
Media and Contents: Scriber – Hardened tool steel.                                    
3 Detail Riveter – steel and wood         
Price: Scriber – USD$12.00 from UMM-USA
3 Detail Riveter – USD$15.00 from UMM-USA
Scale: N/A
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Well made tools that do the job for which they were designed.
Disadvantages: The scriber is sharp, be careful, and perhaps scribes too fine a line!
Conclusion: The scriber is great tool and the rivet tool is also great, if you want rivets.


Reviewed by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman

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F i r s t L o o k



UMM Scriber

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions, after those about Future, is: “What do you used to scribe panel lines?”  Of course, all sorts of answers are given from dental tools, to sewing needles to freshly sharpened ice hockey skates.  But after receiving this new scribing tool from UMM-USA, I’m definitely hanging up those skates.

This is one of the nicest and most ergonomically designed scribing tools I have ever held in my clumsy hand.  The tool is quite small and thin, but one should take care in handling it, as there are sharp edges. Once placed between one’s thumb and middle finger with the index finger resting on top, you will realize not only how comfortable it is, but also how much control you have over this tool.  One can hold it like a pencil or place one’s hand on top of the tool.  Placed against a straight edge, it can be drawn evenly across the surface.



One advantages of the UMM Scriber over other implements used for scribing is the variety of scribing edges.  There is a straight blade end that be drawn both back and forth.  It can also be used as a scraper.

The other end has a hook like object. When pulled along a piece of plastic, it pulls up a fine curl, similar to other scribing tools. But additionally, it can also be pushed.

Unlike other scribing implements one is not limited to scribing in one direction only.

The tool, being quite sharp, scribed cleanly across hardened CA glue.

My only complaint, if one could call it that, is that perhaps the UMM scriber scribes too fine a line.  The width of a scribed line maybe more an issue of individual taste and the scale in which one models. But even if one has other scribing tools, the UMM Scriber is a very useful addition to any modelers toolbox.


3 Detail Riveter

Sending a rivet tool to me is like sending a box of Omaha Prime Steaks to a Vegan.  But unlike a Vegan, I’ll give it a try.



Although it was unlabeled, the Riveter sent to me appears to be the 1/72 (.5mm) version. The 1/32 Riveter is 1mm and the 1/48 is .7mm.  It is a simple, but well made tool with a comfortable wood handle.  The wheel rolls smoothly.



The depth and, to a certain degree, the size of the rivet represented (although as in all rivet tools it is merely a small depression made in the plastic) depends on the extent of pressure one applies.  The depression made in the plastic does appear round, as it should be.  But with enough pressure and a jeweler’s magnifier, one can see a slightly square depression.



C o n c l u s i o n


Concluding first with the 3 Detail Riveter, if your modeling tastes runs to embellishing plastic with little “rivets”, then this tool should be on your work bench.  Just to make sure there is no confusion, while the UMM-USA site shows a pair of Riveters in the image on line, the price is for one.

As for the UMM Scriber, it is quite clear that this tool was devised by a modeler.  In fact, for some eye-popping images of John Vojtech’s (UMM’s owner), modeling skills, click on this link and check out his work.  I can see putting this little modeling tool to a lot of use.  So simple, yet so much potential.


  • UMM Scriber & Riveter Review by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman: Image
  • UMM Scriber & Riveter Review by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman: Image
  • UMM Scriber & Riveter Review by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman: Image
  • UMM Scriber & Riveter Review by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman: Image
  • UMM Scriber & Riveter Review by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman: Image
  • UMM Scriber & Riveter Review by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman: Image
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Thanks to John Vojtech of UMM-USA for the review sample.

Review and Images Copyright 2008 by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman
Page Created 1 February, 2009
Last updated 3 February, 2009

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