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Type XXIII U-Boat

Trumpeter, 1/144 scale

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Catalogue Number and  Description

Trumpeter Kit No 05907 - Type XXIII U-Boat

Contents & Media

34 parts in light grey plastic




Around AUD$25.95. Distributed in Australia by J.B. Wholesalers

Review Type:

First Look


Simple parts breakdown; well detailed; crisp and subtle surface features; high quality moulding; includes optional style conning towers and display stand


Some sink lines; railings and ladder rungs not provided.


A simple yet well-detailed model that is a sensible size in this scale. Great for a painting / weathering project.

Reviewed by Brett Green

Trumpeter's 1/1/44 scale Type XXIII U-Boat is available online from Squadron.com



The Type XXIII was the final operational U-Boat to enter Kreigsmarine service during the Second World War. It had much in common with the revolutionary Type XXI Elektroboat, but the Type XXIII was a much smaller, coastal design. The Type XXIII was the first submarine to feature all-welded, single hull design, but its small size meant that it could only carry two torpedos which had to be loaded while the bow was lifted clear of the water. It was not possible to reload while the boat was at sea.

The type was successful despite the limitations of its armament, its diminutive size and late entry to service. Of the six boats known to have carried out operational missions, five Allied ships were sunk for no German losses.




Modellers have been fortunate to have the choice of two good quality Type XXIII U-Boats in the last four years. During 2005, ICM released a 1/144 scale kit. Special Navy (part of the MPM / Special Hobby group of companies) also made their big 1/72 scale Type XXIII available in the same year.

Now Trumpeter has added a brand-new 1/144 scale Type XXIII U-Boat to the market.

Trumpeter's 1/144 scale Type XXIII U-Boat is a very simple kit comprising only 34 parts in grey coloured plastic. No photo-etch, no decals, no multi-media. Despite its simplicity, detail is barely compromised. Panel detail and flooding holes are all very crisply rendered without appearing overdone. This U-Boat has completely avoided the riveting treatment often meted out by Trumpeter to its winged products.


  • Trumpeter 1/144 scale Type XXIII U-Boat Review by Brett Green
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Moulding quality is very high, but there is a noticeable vertical sink line on each side of the conning tower parts. I suspect that you would be hard pressed to see this imperfection once the model is painted, but a little time, effort and putty would not be a wasted investment.

Surprisingly, Trumpeter does not supply bollards, railings for the forward hull or the ladder rungs on the front of the conning tower. In 1/144 scale, these fine details would best be represented by narrow gauge wire or stretched sprue.

No less than three optional conning towers are provided. The differences are quite subtle, but each is distinctive. The instructions do not specify which tower applies to which marking option, but as far as I can tell it should be as follows:

  • Marking Option A (U-2326) - Parts D1 and D2

  • Marking Option B (U-2322) - Parts D3 and D4

  • Marking Option C (U-2326) - Parts D5 and D6

No decals are required for any of these schemes. White stripes on the conning towers are the only variation from the overall grey camouflage.





Comparisons will be inevitable between ICM's and Trumpeter's 1/144 scale Type XXIII U-Boats.

In my view, Trumpeter's new kit is clearly superior in terms of sharpness of surface detail, and it will most likely be easier to build too.

Trumpeter's 1/144 scale Type XXIII U-Boat will be a fast, simple project that will look good on your mantlepiece after careful painting and weathering. The determined superdetailer will be able to add railings, ladder rungs and bollards from scrap material too, if desired.

Thanks to J.B. Wholesalers for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2009 by Brett Green
Page Created 13 April, 2009
Last updated 14 April, 2009

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