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Zlín Z-XII

RS Models, 1/72 scale

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RS Models kit number 92039 - Zlín Z-XII



Contents & Media

29 x tan styrene, 3 x cream resin, 1x photo-etch (PE) fret (with photo-negative foil), 2 x clear styrene windscreens and decals for five subjects


Available online from Hannants from £ 11.09  and Modelimex from €12.61

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First Look


A rare and unusual subject, with generally simple construction and good detail levels for the scale


None worth mentioning


A great little kit of an interesting and attractive subject.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

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The Z-XII was the first major sales success of the Czechoslovakian Zlínská Letecká Akciová Spolecnost (Zlín) company. It was a tandem twin-seat sports aircraft.  Jaroslav Lonek designed the all-wooden aircraft, and the first two prototypes were completed in 1935, but used different engines. An extensive test program for these aircraft followed. The Z-XII, which was equipped with the Persy II engine, emerged as the winner from the tests.

The Z-212 was an improved version, equipped with a Walter Mikron engine. The aircraft was offered with both open and closed cockpits. It proved to be a very popular sporting aircraft and it was widely exported prior to WW 2.

Production of the Z-212 continued under the German occupation following the invasion of Czechoslovakia prior to WW2’s commencement. The Luftwaffe operated Z-XIIs and Z-212s until 1943, and about 20 Z-XIIs equipped Slovakia’s Air Arm during the war. A total of 201 Z-XII and 58 (other sources mention 51) Z-212 was built.



The kit comes in a typically Czech end-opening box with attractive artwork on the front, and some simple colour scheme and markings plans on the rear for three of the five decal options provided (the other two being covered by a nicely printed coloured supplement included in the box).

The instructions provide a parts map, and an easy to follow diagrammatic assembly format. Colour call-outs are limited to generic colours for the main airframe. They also provide a brief aircraft history and specifications in Czech and English.

The styrene parts are cleanly moulded limited run items with a smooth finish befitting the original’s wooden construction. I have built RS Models Avia FL-3, a comparable light aircraft kit, and found the fit to be excellent. I have no reason to think this one will be any different.


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  • RS Models 1/72 scale ZLIN XIII Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • RS Models 1/72 scale ZLIN XIII Review by Mark Davies: Image
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The front of the engine cowl is a resin part and nicely cast, along with two pairs of air-cooled cylinders to mount either side. The cockpit detail is quite adequate for the scale, featuring PE seatbelts, rudder pedals and instrument panels. The latter are enhanced by a set of photo-negative instruments. This is the open cockpit version, so two small injected-styrene windscreens are provided. These are clear and sufficiently delicate to be convincing.



Five decal options cover three brightly coloured sports aircraft from Sweden, Yugoslavia and Austria, plus one aluminium-dope machine form the UK. The fifth decal option is for aluminium-dope finished Slovakian Air Arm aircraft, brightened be the red, white and blue Slovakian insignia on the tail. Decals are in good register and appear to be of good opacity.



All in all this is a very nice limited run kit of an attractive light sporting plane. I like these types as they add a splash of colour and variation to my display cabinet amongst more widely recognised military types. If you are the same, or are specifically into the Golden Age of aviation, then this kit is for you. Recommended.  

Thanks to RS Models for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2008 by Mark Davies
Page Created 7 June, 2008
Last updated 7 June, 2008

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