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Revi 16B Reflector Gunsight 

Tail Boom, Full Size

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Tail Boom - Revi 16B Reflector Gunsight
Scale: 1/1 (Full Size)
Contents and Media: 26 pieces in resin (various shades of grey and cream); two parts in clear resin; metal spring and fasteners, metal plate; glass lens.
Price: Contact Maurizio Di Terlizzi for pricing and availability information
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Cast from an original Revi 16B gunsight; beautifully detailed; perfect casting; relatively straightforward construction.
Disadvantages: Only 25 will be produced, so be quick!
Conclusion: A highly desirable but strictly limited display piece


Reviewed by Brett Green

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The Revi 16B was the standard reflector gunsight fitted to Luftwaffe fighters from the mid-war period onward. Aircraft types included the Dornier Do 335, Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A and D, Ta 152, Heinkel He 162, Messerschmitt Bf 109 F, G and K, Me 163 and Me 262.

Master modeller and author Maurizio Di Terlizzi launched his own brand of resin kits called "Tail Boom" in 2007. Until now, the products have been helicopter related. The latest Tail Boom kit is a radical departure - a full-sized Revi 16B gunsight.

The kit comes packed in a humble brown cardboard box.



The simple sticker states the gunsight name and your individual Werknummer. Only 25 of these gunsights will be made, so the numbers will not run too high.


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26 parts are provided in shades of grey and cream coloured resin. The two reflectors are supplied in clear resin, while the gunsight lens is optically ground glass. A number of metal parts are also included - screws, a spring, an etched data plate - making a total of 40 parts.



The parts have been cast directly from a genuine wartime Revi 16B gunsight, so any minor nicks and scratches are entirely authentic. There are no casting imperfections on my sample.

The reflector and sun screen are quite remarkable castings. At first, I thought that one of these thick clear parts had air bubbles on two of the corners. However, after consulting Maurizio and re-examining the piece, it turns out that these are perfect castings of chips out of the edges of the glass. The edges of the clear parts feature grinding marks, and the top of both reflectors have raised serial numbers - very impressive indeed.



The resin parts will require only minimal cleanup before assembly.

The gunsight body has the original data plate cast on the front. An optional separate data plate is supplied if the modeller prefers. Personally, I think it would be a shame not to install this attractive separate metal part.

Instructions are provided on a folded A4 sheet, which includes full colour diagrams of the parts and of the completed gunsight. Helpful notes and a colour guide are also offered.






Tail Boom's full scale Revi 16B gunsight is a beautifully detailed and flawlessly cast kit of this important piece of equipment

With its relatively small parts breakdown and simple assembly process should mean a fast and easy build. There is no doubt that when the model is finished it will present many display opportunities and will be a real head-turner.

If you want one, though, you'd better be quick. When this review sample arrived last month, there were only around 20 left. You can contact Maurizio direct to obtain details about pricing, availability and postage.

I can't wait to start mine!

Thanks to Maurizio Di Terlizzi for the review sample.

Review and Images Copyright © 2009 by Brett Green
Page Created 7 May, 2009
Last updated 8 May, 2009

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