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MPM Production Preview
2009 - 2010



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MPM 2009-2010 Production Preview


MPM has sent a listing of planned production for the balance of 2009 through to July 2010. Please note that this is a tentative schedule. Release dates and other details are subject to change:



Cat. No.






November SH48094 Gloster Squirt "Late" 1/48
A089 Arsenal VG-36 1/48
72099 Wellington Mk.IC 1/72
SH48033 Macchi C.200 1/48
SH48068 Fiat BR-20 Cicogna 1/48
A086 CAMS 37E 1/72
December 2009 SH72196 Fairey Fulmar Mk.II "Civilian Service" 1/72
January 2010 SH72197 Westland Whirlwind FMk.I Fighter 1/72
SH72201 Westland Whirlwind FB Mk.I Fighter-Bomber 1/72
72538 Breda Ba.88B Lince 1/72
SH72194 CAC CA-9 Wirraway 1/72
February SH48077 Maryland Mk.I 1/48
SH48099 Morane Saulnier AI 1/48
SH 48091 Spitfire Mk.VC "Czechoslovak and Polish Squadrons" 1/48
A047 Supermarine Sea Otter "British Service" 1/72
A090 Supermarine Sea Otter "Foreign Service" 1/72
SH480103 Focke Wulf Fw 190A-6 "Sturmstaffel 1" 1/48
March SH48053 Breda Ba 65 A-80 1/48
SH72204 Westland Whirlwind Mk.I "Different Whirlwinds" 1/72
SH72198 Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi 1/72
SH72199 Nakajima Ki-115  "Battle of Tokio 1946" 1/72
April SH48102 Supermarine Seafire Mk.II 1/48
SH72202 Blenheim MK. I "Finnish Post War Service" 1/72
SH72205 Blenheim F Mk.I "Short Nose Fighter Version" 1/72
72557 A-20B Havoc 1/72
72559 Boston Mk.III/IIIA "RAF Service" 1/72
A061 Caudron 714 1/32
May SH 48100 Spitfire Mk.VC "RAAF Service" 1/48
48063 Heinkel He 177A-3 Greif 1/48
SH72200 F-82G Twing Mustang "Korean War" 1/72
SH72203 F-82H Twing Mustang "Alaskan All Weather Fighter" 1/72
48057 Avia B-534 III. Serie with bubble canopy 1/48
June SH 72162 Short Sunderland Mk.V 1/72
SH 72147 Aero L-29 Delfin 1/72
A049 Nieuport NiD-62 1/72
July SH 32033 Ki-27 Nate 1/32
SH 32034 A5M4 Claude 1/32


This production plan is only preliminary and a realisation date of single projects can change. Other future models as B-18 Bolo 1/72,

Vautour 1/72, Spitfire Mk.VC/Seafire Mk.III are not included into this plan for this moment and a date of realisation will be specified later.
Also other models can be realised not listed here.


Text and Images Copyright 2009 by MPM
Page Created 27 October, 2009
Last updated 27 October, 2009

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