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F-80C Shooting Star
Cockpit & Misawa Tanks

Avionix & True Details, 1/32 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number:

Avionix BLC32056 - F-80C Shooting Star Cockpit Set (early/late)

True Details 32503 - Misawa Wing Tip Tanks

Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media:

Cockpit - 21 parts in cream-coloured resin

Tanks - 4 parts in cream-coloured resin


Cockpit Set USD$27.00 available online from Squadron

Misawa Wing Tip Tanks USD$6.28 available online from Squadron

Review Type: FirstLook

Cockpit - very high quality casting; excellent detail; also include canopy deck and rail; cockpit tub, seats and control column major improvements over kit parts.

Misawa Tanks - subtle detail; inexpensive upgrade.

Conclusion: If you are a fan of resin and additional detail, these two accessories will be a great way to enhance your Czech Model F-80C Shooting Star.

Reviewed by Brett Green

Czech Model's 1/32 scale F-80C Shooting Star is available online from Squadron.com



Two new and very useful accessories have been released for Czech Models' 1/32 scale F-80C Shooting Star.

Avionix BLC32056 - F-80C Shooting Star Cockpit Set (early/late)

Avionix 1/32 scale F-80C cockpit comprises 21 parts in cream coloured resin. This is a complete replacement for the kit cockpit, and includes a large, one-piece cockpit tub, canopy deck and rails, instrument panel and two seats.



The cockpit tub provides cleverly undercut detail extending to electrical cabling and busy switch panels on each of the side consoles.



The seats are early and late versions. Both seats feature better detail than the kit's resin part, and I prefer Avionix treatment of the seat harnessesand cushions too. The subtle differences in the seats themselves, the headrests and the foot rails are all accurately depicted. It is very handy to have the choice of these two seats for either an early or a late F-80C project (the kit supplies only the early seat).



The control column is vastly superior to the kit part.


True Details 32503 - Misawa Wing Tip Tanks

True Details has released a set of resin replacement Misawa wing tip tanks for the Czech Models 1/32 scale F-80C Shooting Star.

The set comrpises two tanks and a total of six parts.



The tanks are cast on a small block at the tip. This blunt end is then capped with a separate resin tip. Separate mounts are also supplied.

Detail is subtle. I especially like the raised reinforrcement ribs - very nice indeed.





Avionix 1/32 scale F-80C Shooting Star cockpit is a beautifully detailed and cast enhancement to Czech Models' kit. There is no doubt that the cockpit tub, the seats, canopy deck and rails are clearly superior to the parts provided in the kit.

The option of early and late version seats is helpful too.

Personally, I will probably use the kit-supplied colour photo-etched instrument panel with the resin Avionix cockpit tub and seats, but this will be a matter of personal taste.

The Misawa wing tip tanks are subtly detailed, and are also an improvement over the kit parts. At less than USD$7.00, they also represent great value for anyone wanting to take this path with their F-80C project.

I have heard some rumblings on the Forums asking why this level of detail was not provided in the Czech Model F-80C kit in the first place. I can think of several valid reasons. Firstly, many modellers will be more than happy with the level of detail supplied in the basic kit, and the extra cost of an all-resin cockpit tub, plus the other details, would have added significantly to the price of the model. Secondly, some modellers simply don't like working with resin. With a separate cockpit and resin Misawa tanks, modellers have the choice of whether to spend extra money on these additional resin details.

Avionix' resin cockpit and True Details' Misawa tanks will be valuable enhancements to Czech Models' 1/32 scale F-80C Shooting Star, and should be suitable for moderately experienced modellers with a few aftermarket projects under their belts.

Thanks to Squadron for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2009 by Brett Green
Page Created 21 April, 2009
Last updated 21 April, 2009

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