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Mediterranean Twins
Beaufighter, Baltimore, Boston, Marauder and Wellington Mk. II

Xtradecal,1/72 scale



Catalogue Number and Price:

Xtradecal No. X72104, Mediterranean Twins
From GBP£6.95 available online from Hannants



Contents and Media:

One decal sheet sheet (210mm X 137mm) plus 2 A4 sized, full colour instruction sheets with markings for 7 aircraft all in a clear fronted envelope.

Review Type:



I challenge anyone to come up with seven more interesting schemes for these aircraft in the MTO.


The red centres in the 3 & 4 colour roundels are ever so slightly off centre. Most modellers will ignore it.


Two of the seven aircraft are SAAF, something we don't often see. The rest RAF. 2 are in Coastal Command colours (Beau Mk.X and Baltimore Mk.IIIA), 2 in desert camouflage (Beaufighter Mk.If and Wellington Mk.X) and the rest in OD/NG. Even with the above slight problem it's still an interesting and worthwhile set.


Reviewed by Glen Porter





For those who don't know, Xtradecal is the “in house” trade name for Hannant's line of decals along with Xtrakit (plastic kits) and Xtracolor/Xtracrylic (model paints). They can be had by visiting the two shops in the UK or on line at www.hannants.com.uk


The Decals

Interestingly, all of the aircraft on this sheet ( except the Beau Mk If perhaps) have been recently released by Hasagawa, MPM and Trumpeter in 1/72nd scale and are by all accounts very good models so there is no excuse for not buying this set.


  • Meditteranean Twins Decal Review by Glen Porteran Porter: Image
  • Meditteranean Twins Decal Review by Glen Porteran Porter: Image
  • Meditteranean Twins Decal Review by Glen Porteran Porter: Image
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Okay, here are some more details of the aircraft involved.

First of all, Beaufighter Mk.X, NV115/D, “Pamalamay”of “A” flight, No. 16 Sqn., SAAF, Italy 1945. It's in CC colours of Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey over Sky. A white letter “D” to the rear of the fuselage roundel, “Pamalamay” in white on the starboard side nose and a white mission score on the port side.

Next is Beaufighter Mk.If, X7760/Y, 46 Sqn., RAF, North Africa 1942. This one's in desert cammo., Dark Earth/ Mid Stone over Azure with the letter “Y” ahead of the fuselage roundel.

Then we have Martin Baltimore Mk. IIIA, FA353/X, 203 Sqn., RAF, Malta 1943. Another CC scheme but this time XDSG/DSG over White with the high demarcation. The letter “X” is to the rear of the fuselage roundel.

Boston Mk. IV, BZ631/P, “Jacqueline Anne”, 13Sqn., RAF, North Africa and Italy 1944. In its original US colours of Olive Drab over Neutral Grey, a red “P” aft of the roundel, nose art on the port nose and a red and yellow pennant half way up the fin.

Vickers Wellington Mk. X, HE687 or HE515/QB-T, “Terror of Axis Nightlife”, 424 (Canadian) Sqn., RAF, North Africa 1943. In a desert scheme of Dark Earth/Mid Stone over Night with Sqn code behind the roundel and aircraft letter “T” ahead on both sides plus nose art on the port side.

A Martin Marauder Mk. II, FB484/V, Viking from No. 12 Sqn., SAAF, Italy 1944-45. In OD/NG with a yellow letter V on the fin above the flash, nose art including the word Viking on either side of the nose and a yellow mission score below the canopy port side only.

Last of all, Marauder Mk. III, HD625/R, 39 Sqn., RAF, Balkan Air Force, Italy 1944-45. Also in OD/NG, a yellow letter “R” ahead of the roundel, another smaller one on either side of the nose, white wings on the cockpit armour plate and a yellow mission score port side below the canopy.

None of the aircraft have lower wing roundels except the SAAF Beau Mk. X and they are provisional. All colours are marked with their official names and a complete list of Xtracolour/Xtracrylic paints are given with their part numbers.





This is another gorgeous decal sheet from Xtradecal with only a small register problem that could be easily got around or simply ignored.

Thanks to Hannants for the review sample

Xtradecals are available online from Hannants' website

Review Text Copyright © 2009 by Glen Porter
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Last updated 17 February, 2010

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