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US Marine Corps Crusaders

Victory Productions, 1/32 scale




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Victory Productions Item No. VPD32002 - US Marine Corps Crusaders



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus full colour instructions and notes


USD $24.95 available online from Victory Productions' website

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High quality decals covering a range of interesting F-8E Crusaders; comprehensive instructions and notes; good colour reproduction; ideal for Trumpeter's recent kit;




This is a beautifully produced decal sheet with five colourful options for modellers building Trumpeter's 1/32 scale F-8E Crusader.


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The big 1/32 scale F-8E Crusader is one of Trumpeter's best modern aircraft models.

Victory Productions has now released a set of decals that offers five colourful alternatives to Trumpeter's kit markings.


  • F-8E Crusader Decal Review by Brett Green: Image
  • F-8E Crusader Decal Review by Brett Green: Image
  • F-8E Crusader Decal Review by Brett Green: Image
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This new release offers five US Marines options. All the aircraft are finished in Light Gull Gray upper surfaces over Gloss White.:

F-8E Crusader BuNo 150317, VMF(AW)-235, MAG-11, Da Nang 1966 - This aircraft features white stars on a red background on the nose, ventral strakes and top of the fin.

F-8E Crusader BuNo 149212, VMF(AW)-232, MAG-11, Da Nang 1967 - A small Red Devils emblem appears on the top of the fin.

F-8E Crusader BuNo 150852, VMF(AW)-333, MAG-32, MCAS Beaufort, 1967 - Each side of the fin features three green sharocks painted on a white field bordered by green at top and bottom.

F-8E Crusader BuNo 150925, VMF(AW)-212, CVW-16, USS Oriskany (CVA 34), 1965 - Maltese Cross on a blue strip on the top of the fin and the ventral strakes.

F-8E Crusader BuNo 150317, VMF(AW)-312, MAG-11, Da Nang 1965 - A striking aircraft with a black and white checkerboard on the rudder and lower fin, and on a wedge at the intake.

Typical of Victory Productions, the markings are professionally packaged along with full colour placement instructions (research and artwork by Jack Morris), notes on the individual aircraft and an additional pag discussing Marines Crusaders, the Trumpeter kit, weapons loadout and References.

The decals are supplied on two large letter-sized sheets. All markings are perfectly in register, with thin carrier film and well saturated colours. The decals are pronted by Cartograf.

Victory Productions' USMC Crusaders release will be the ideal way to customise your big Trumpeter Gunfighter.


Thanks to Victory Models for the sample

Victory Models products and and Victory Productions Decals are available online from their website


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