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RFC & RNAS Sopwith Pups
in France

Pheon Models, 1/72 & 1/48 scales


Catalogue Number:

72001 & 48001 RFC & RNAS Sopwith Pups in France


available in 1/72 and 1/48

Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


GBP£12.75 for 1/72 and £17.50 for 1/48 scale
available from pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk

Review Type:



Comprehensive sheet; ten interesting subjects; outstanding support material; sheet packed with markings.


Rather expensive


First rate research and top quality decals for ‘fighting’ Pups as opposed to the training schemes that have been produced by other manufacturers

Reviewed by James Fahey

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The Manufacturer

Pheon Models is a new venture from the UK specialising in decals for WWI aircraft. This is their first release, covering RFC and RNAS Sopwith Pups in France, in 1/72 and 1/48.


The Sopwith Pup

The Pup equipped firstly four RNAS squadrons (3,4,8 and 9), and later three RFC units (54, 46 and 66 Squadrons) commencing from May 1916. It was replaced by the Triplane in the RNAS and by the Camel in RFC squadrons in Autumn 1917. Although the Pup had only one machine gun and half the horsepower of Germany’s Albatros fighter, its light weight and generous wing area made it very manoeuvrable particularly at higher altitudes. "We saw at once that the enemy airplane was superior to ours." Manfred von Richthofen, after encountering the Sopwith Pup in combat

"When it came to maneuvering, the Sopwith (Pup) would turn twice to an Albatros' once." James McCudden

"...it was a remarkably fine machine for general all-round flying.  It was so extremely light and well surfaced that after a little practice one could almost land it on a tennis court." James McCudden


Intended Kits

In 1/72 the decals are intended for use on the Airfix Pup - one of Airfix’s best WWI models and although not in production it is readily available on the second hand market. In 1/48 Eduard produced a limited-run injection moulded kit and Aeroclub made a vacform kit, both now out of production.


The Decals

The modeller gets either an A4 sheet (1/48) or A5 (1/72) with markings for 10 Pups, all from ‘fighting’ squadrons:

  1. B2162, 66 Squadron, flown by 2Lt W.A Pritt

  2. B1777, 46 Squadron, flown by Lt Arthur Gould Lee, ‘Chin Chou’

  3. N6203, RNAS Seaplane Defence Flight, flown by Flt Cdr LH Slatter, ‘Mina’

  4. N6171, 3 Naval Squadron, flown by Flt Sub-Lt E Pierce

  5. N6181, 3 Naval Squadron, flown by Flt Cdr L.S.Breadner, ‘Happy

  6. A6156, 54 Squadron, flown by Capt O.M.Stewart

  7. A7327, 46 Squadron, flown by Capt S.H.Pratt

  8. B1703, 66 Squadron, flown by Capt J.O.Andrews

  9. N6205, 3 Naval Squadron, flown by Flt Cdr J.S.T.Fall

  10. N6200, 4 Naval Squadron, flown by Flt Cdr A.M.Shook, ‘Bobs’

There are roundels (both white-outlined and non-outlined, and with separate centres) and rudder stripes for three aeroplanes plus ‘Lift Here’ notices for the RNAS machines and Sopwith Company logos.



Rowan Broadbent is the modeller behind Pheon Models and his passion for accuracy and for the period is evident in the high production standards. The decals feature minimal carrier film, excellent registration and accurate colours matched to existing fabric samples. An 11 page  booklet  covers application instructions, colouring notes, suggestions for improvements to the kits, references and airplane service histories. On top of that there are four sheets of full colour profiles/placement guides printed on glossy card. All this came packed in a clear plastic zip-lock bag with a piece of cardboard stiffener inside a padded envelope.

The economics of short-run production has put an inevitable premium on the price of these decals but I have no hesitation in recommending them.



Until Rowan gets his own website established, you can check out his products here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showforum=227 and his email address is mailto:pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk.

Pheon’s next release will be SPAD VIIs in 1/32 (for the latest Roden kit) and 1/48 scales from Lafayette Escadrille, SPA124 and the 103rd Aero Sqn in 14 colourful options. A 1/72 sheet may be produced if enough modellers are prepared to pre-order them. Sopwith Triplane decals in 1/72 and 1/48 are also in development.

available from pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk

Text and Images Copyright 2009 by James Fahey
Page Created 23 April, 2009
Last updated 23 April, 2009

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