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Bristol F.2b Decals

Pheon Models, 1/32 scale

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Catalogue Numbers:

32005 Bristol F.2b Aces in France



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals, colour profiles, instructions and notes


G32005 GBP £13.50 available from pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk
Post & packing: £1.10 to the UK, £1.57 to European destinations and £2.09 to the rest of the world. Payment by Paypal, or by cheque for UK customers.

Review Type:

First Look


Perfect register and good opacity, manufactured by Fantasy Printshop. Outstanding support material; sheet packed with markings.


RFC prohibition of individual markings limits the appeal of the set


Excellent quality decals to enable modelers to finish their Bristol F.2b differently to other modellers.

Reviewed by James Fahey

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Pheon specialise in decals for the WWI modeller and this is the sixth release since the business launched in late February this year. This set complements the excellent Wingnut Wings Bristol F2B and provides modellers with a wider selection of markings options.

Generally modellers buying after-market decals are looking to find more colourful markings or markings of more famous aircraft/crew than are provided in the kit. Unfortunately the RFC’s prohibition of personalised markings makes most of their aircraft relatively dull compared to other nationalities, and this must be a challenge for decal manufacturers.


  • Pheon Decals 1/32 scale F.2b Review: Image
  • Pheon Decals 1/32 scale F.2b Review: Image
  • Pheon Decals 1/32 scale F.2b Review: Image
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Pheon provide markings for seven aircraft covering four F2b squadrons:

‘P’ D7939             Lt Victor Groom (8 victories)/2Lt Ernest Hardcastle (12 victories)            20 Sqn
‘K’ B.1307             Lt David Weston (13 victories)/Lt Walter Nobel (12 victories)            20 Sqn
‘7’ A7288             Capt Andrew McKeever (30 victories)/2Lt Leslie Powell (19 vics)            11 Sqn
‘6’ C-4846             2Lt Donald Beard (8 victories)/Sgt. HW Scarnell            11 Sqn
‘F’ B1162             Sgt Ernest Elton (16 victories)/Lt Roland Critchley (7 victories)            22 Sqn
‘B’ C-4633             Lt William Swayze (6 victories)/2Lt Thomas Elliot (11 victories)             62 Sqn
‘N’ C-4810             Capt George Bulmer (10 victories)/2Lt Percy Williams (7 victories)            22 Sqn

Brief notes on each pilot are provided in the instruction booklet.

Pheon note that the Bristol Fighter rarely displayed anything approaching flamboyant individual markings, but this exemplifies the characteristics of teamwork and self-effacing courage with which the ‘Biff Boys’ went about their tasks.

McKeever stands out as the overall top scorer on F2bs and Elton was a distinguished pilot in 22 Squadron. Both these options are for F2bs with long exhaust pipes that are not included in the kit. Pheon note these will have to be fabricated from plastic rod, grafted to the end of the kit’s exhausts and supported by suitable scratch built brackets.

Wing cockades are provided for only one aircraft. This is a trade-off Pheon have made to provide the greatest variety of individual markings for the modeller (the sheet is packed). The blue of the Pheon cockades is noticeably darker than the Wingnut cockades. Pheon state the colour has been matched to actual samples of WWI VR2/3 and VB3 doped fabric and represent the most accurate colour representation available using modern printing media. I am not sufficiently expert to comment further on colours.

As with earlier the releases, these decals feature minimal carrier film and excellent registration. Pheon have a different design philosophy from Wingnut in terms of how much clear decal film to provide around the white bars and cockades on the fuselage. Wingnut have large decal sections combining cockades and white markings so that modellers don’t have to fiddle around with spacing and alignment of the individual elements. The downside to this approach is the wide expanses of clear decal film have a greater risk of silvering (although modellers could trim this away). On the other hand Pheon have elected for minimal clear film and separate decal elements which must be spaced and aligned more carefully but have less risk of silvering.

The wing cockades do not feature separated aileron portions. This is straightforward to remedy by using the kit parts as a cutting template.

As with the previous decal releases, Pheon provide full colour A4 sheets of profiles/placement guides printed on glossy card - four sheets in this set. These cards are very nicely done, top-end quality.




If its F.2b Aces in France you are interested in, this set gives plenty to choose from, and as with all the Pheon releases the quality is first rate.

More colourful or interesting markings options for the F2b will probably be found in Pheon’s upcoming releases for the F2b due September/October:
32006 Bristol F2B Fighters Between the Wars 
32007 Bristol F2B Fighters Nightfighters and Palestine AFC

Thanks to Pheon Models for the review sample.

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Until Pheon’s website is finished, you can check out their products here:


and the email address is mailto:pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk.

available from pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk

Text and Images Copyright 2009 by James Fahey
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Last updated 9 September, 2009

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