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Hard Corps Scooters
Pts. 1 and 2

MAW-Decals, 1/48 scale


Catalogue Number:

48-MAW015 and 48-MAW-018



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


US$12.99 and $23.99 respectively. Available from MAW-Decals

Review Type:



High quality decals covering a range of interesting USMC A-4s. Printed by Cartograph. Comprehensive instructions including reference CD with Part 2.


None noted.


Offering a range of interesting alternatives to the Hasegawa Skyhawk family and Classic Airframes TA-4J kit decals.

Reviewed by Ken Bowes

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The 2009 release of the TA-4J as an all new kit in 1/48 scale by Hasegawa has unleashed a flood of new decal options. Amongst these are two new decal sheets that come from US Marine Corps specialist manufacturer Creighton Henthorn Jr of MAW Decals. The first release is 48-MAW-015 which provides markings for three aircraft as follows:

  • A-4C BuNo 147779 of VMA-224 in gull grey and white with a green and white striped rudder.

  • A-4M BuNo159471 of VX-5 in gull grey and white with a green and white flash across the fin.

  • TA-4F BuNo 154333 of H&MS-24 in overall gull grey with lo-viz markings.

With three different Skyhawk subtypes covered, there is likely to be something for everyone in part one of MAW’s Hard Corps Scooters.

That said, to my mind Hard Corps Scooters Part 2 is a much more interesting release. In this sheet markings are provided for seven TA-4F and TA-4J Skyhawks from seven different units, including two in aggressor schemes.



Subjects covered are

  • TA-4F BuNo 153489 H&MS-11 Playboys in May 1970 in gull grey over white with a yellow sash on the fuselage and red Playboy Bunny on the fin.

  • TA-4F BuNo 154325 H&MS-12 in gull grey over white.

  • TA-4F BuNo 154331 H&MS-13 late 1970s in a four colour desert aggressor scheme.

  • TA-4J BuNo 154337 H&MS-15 Angels in May 1971 in gull grey over white with a blue fuselage sash with stars and blue rudder.

  • TA-4F BuNo 154639 H&MS-31 Aggressors in April 1989 in a three colour grey disruptive aggressor scheme.

  • TA-4J BuNo 154294 H&MS-32 Bandits in August 1971 in gull grey over white with blue fuselage sash and rudder similar to the H&MS-15 aircraft above.

  • TA-4J  BuNo 156933 H&MS-42 in October 1975 in the overall white US Navy training scheme with prominent green fuselage sash and fin markings.

Although for Part 1 MAW Decals provides etailed instructions printed in full colour on four glossy A4 pages with Part 2 they have taken a slightly different approach providing the four view diagrams on a CD, leaving it up to the modeler to choose whether to print them or use them as is from the computer screen. I prefer to keep my computer away from potential contaminants in the work room so find this approach a little annoying. That said given the number of subjects and MAW Decals preference for providing full four views for each subject it may be an effective cost saving measure. Be prepared for disappointment as the CD contains no other material, I for one expecting maybe some reference photos.  


  • MAW Decals 1/48 scale Hard Corps Scooters Pts 1 and 2: Image
  • MAW Decals 1/48 scale Hard Corps Scooters Pts 1 and 2: Image
  • MAW Decals 1/48 scale Hard Corps Scooters Pts 1 and 2: Image
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The decals themselves are printed by Cartograph with Part 1 on an A5 sheet and Part 2 taking up most of an A4 size sheet. Each decal design is crisp and in perfect register with the sheets literally crammed with artwork. MAW Decals notes that they have been sized for the Hasegawa kit but may be able to used on the Classic Airframes kit.

In conclusion, with the two seat A-4 now available, these decals offer some great alternatives to the US Navy schemes that constitute the kit decals.

Thanks to MAW Decals for the review sample.

Text and Images Copyright 2009 by Ken Bowes
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Last updated 25 November, 2009

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