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Phantom FG.1
892 NAS, HMS FAA Ark Royal

Hobbydecal, 1/48 & 1/72 scales


Catalogue Number:

Hobbydecal AL48007V1 - Phantom FG.1 892 NAS, HMS FAA Ark Royal


1/48 scale. Also available in 1/72

Contents and Media:

Water Slide and Dry Transfer markings plus instructions and notes


1/48 scale - USD$25.00 available online from Hobbydecal's website
1/72 scale - USD$20.00 available online from Hobbydecal's website

Review Type:



Perfect finish without visible film or silvering for dry transfers; excellent reproduction of colors; first-rate printing and production


Dray transfers may be more delicate under rough handling; initial positioning critical


Impressive markings with good quality support material

Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

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AL48007V1 is a new release from this Korean company.

It provides markings for McDonnell Douglas FG.1 Phantoms of Royal Naval Air Squadron 892 embarked aboard HMS Ark Royal in 1/48 scale.

The provided markings are a mixture of traditional water-slide silk screen printed ones and the dry rub-down style ones more readily associated with Hobbydecal.

The water-slide sheet includes a single set of national insignia, the red, white and blue “flash” applied to the radome/forward fuselage that featured the Squadron’s insignia, a pair of horizontal stabiliser angle indicator stencil markings and a pair of the Squadron’s red fin flashes that incorporate their Omega symbol.  These decals have been printed by Fantasy Printshop.


  • Hobbydecal 1/48 scale Phantim Decal Review by Rodger Kelly: Image
  • Hobbydecal 1/48 scale Phantim Decal Review by Rodger Kelly: Image
  • Hobbydecal 1/48 scale Phantim Decal Review by Rodger Kelly: Image
  • Hobbydecal 1/48 scale Phantim Decal Review by Rodger Kelly: Image
  • Hobbydecal 1/48 scale Phantim Decal Review by Rodger Kelly: Image
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The dry rub-down decals are very comprehensive indeed.  Three separate sheets provide a variety of markings.  The first sheet contains a myriad of tiny black stencil data items as well as the grey panels that feature along the aircraft’s spine and the top of the intakes, and the large black serials for the lower surface of the wings.  You get two “ready made” ones (XV590 and XT870) as well as two sets of numerals 1 to 9.  The second sheet holds both black and white decals with the white ones being the Royal Navy titles, a series of four 0 to 9 numerals to replicate the pennant numbers on the nose, a pair of letter R for the fin, a pair of 001 and 002 pennant numbers, and finally, individual serial numbers for the FG. 1s operated by NAS 882, these being XV590, XV568, XV567, XV589, XT872, XT859, XT864, and XT870.  The final sheet carries red and yellow items of stencil data as well as a pair of NAS 892 squadron insignia and white crew names for the canopy rails.  These latter items are CDR. JE Ellis, LT.CMDR DD Braithwaite, FLT. T.C. Wright, and FLT T.C. Hewlett.

A final feature of the sheet is a tiny, and I mean tiny, 1/48 scale angle of attack indicator made from steel.  This latter item comes in a smaller separate zip-loc baggie that contains comprehensive instructions on how to place and fix it to your kit in the correct position.  Make sure you open the baggie carefully as if there ever was an item that the carpet monster would eagerly devour then this is it!

The placement guide is mammoth!  It measures 57cm x 41.5cm – that’s double the size of an A-3 sheet!  The front size holds full colour 1/48 scale illustrations of XV590, a left hand side profile of XV568 and upper and lower surface plan views of XV590 (these latter two are in 1/72 scale), large illustrations of both NAS 892 Squadron and HMS Ark Royal shields, and a potted history of the FG.1 and its association with the Ark Royal, as well as the markings worn by the Squadron’s aircraft on one side and 1/72 scale left and right hand side profiles and upper and lower surface plan views of XV590 on the back to show stencil data placement.  The sheet also carried six colour photos of one-to-one-scale FG.1s in action aboard the Ark Royal.

The placement guide/information sheet, the decals sheets and the baggie containing the AOA probe come packed in a clear plastic zip-loc bag along with a stiff cardboard header to save everything from being bent and creased.

An impressive product to say the least!

Also available in 1/72 scale as al72007v1

Thanks to Hobbydecal for the sample.


Be aware that the rub-down decals contained in the zip-loc bag require a different approach to apply them to your model.  A visit to the “Tips” page Hobbydecal’s website at http://www.hobbydecal.com/help.cgi?action=tips will advise guide you!

Text and Images Copyright 2009 by Rodger Kelly
This Page Created on 3 February, 2009
Last updated 3 February, 2009

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