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RCAF Spitfires

Aviaeology Decal Preview



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Aviaeology has provided information on their newest releases:

New from Aviaeology are decals in three scales - AOD32009, 48009, and 72009 - covering RCAF Fighter Recce Spitfires with 4 subject aircraft of 414 and 430 Squadrons as follows:

Spitfire FR.XIVE RN114 RC•W, the Wing Commander's aircraft of 39 (R) Wing RCAF, a standard fuselage, standard wing-tip Mk.XIV with the radio compartment area reworked to carry oblique cameras, similar to the Mk.IX shown in the illustration. (though it is the 39 Wing Ccommanders aircraft, this Spitfire was on charge with 430 Squadron).

  • Spitfire FR.IX MK202 /Q, 414 Squadron Commander's aircraft featuring the FRU emblems on the tail and "continental 2TAF" era national markings.

  • Spitfire FR.IX MJ351 /S, another similarly finished 414 Squadron aircraft with the pilot's personal marking "VIOLET-DOROTHY" emblazoned on the l/h side of the nose.

  • Spitfire FR.XIVE MV348 /S. The same pilot's (as MJ351 above) later aircraft marked "VIOLET DOROTHY III" below the exhausts on the l/h side. This Spitfire is a "cut-down" fuselage, bubble canopied, clipped
    wing version with flush mounted camera windows in the rear fuselage.

Options include a choice of both Sky and White codes for each aircraft plus two styles of RCAF maple leaf and rank pennants for RN114 RC•W. A full explanation of all options, including the code possibilities for
each a/c, are part of the thorough instructions sheet text.

A clear line drawing of the camera port installation is also included to scale. This is needed for three of the subject aircraft. It's a pretty straightforward sheet plastic conversion, or, if modelling in 1/48 scale, you can use the Quickboost parts intended to make a PR.XI.

NOTE: THIS EARLY POSTING IS ILLUSTRATED WITH PROFILES OF TWO OF THE SAME SUBJECT AIRCRAFT FROM OUR UPCOMING BOOK "AviaDossier 1: Canadian Aircraft of WWII" by Carl Vincent. The actual instructions art ncludes our usual flat art profiles and plans format for all subject
aircraft, which we're still fine tuning those while awaiting the arrival of the first print run.

The decals can be purchased directly from Aviaeology at their E-bay store:



Thanks to Mark Proulx for the information and images

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Last updated 20 May, 2009

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