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Ju 88/188 Racks and Bombs

Model Design Construction, 1/32 scale


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Catalogue No., Description & Price Model Design Construction:
CV32044 - ETC500 and ETC 1000 Bomb Racks for Ju 88 / 188 - £9.00
SC 250 Bomb - £1.95
SC 500 Bomb - £2.75

Contents and Media: See description and images below
Scale: 1/32 scale


Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: First class quality mastering and casting; racks and bombs fill an important gap for the Revell 1/32 scale Ju 88 kit; simple assembly.
Conclusion: The racks and bombs are essential additions to Revell's 1/32 scale Junkers Ju 88 A-1 for anyone building a bomber variant.


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Revell's new 1/32 scale Junkers Ju 88 A-1 is undoubtedly a beautiful kit, but one surprise omission was the ETC bomb racks fitted underneath the inboard section of each wing.

Four racks were almost universally installed on all bomber versions of the Ju 88 A including the A-1 offered by Revell. Sadly though, there is nary a bomb rack in sight inside Revell's box.

Model Design Construction has now addressed this shortcoming with three new releases.

The first is a set of four bomb racks. The pack comprises two ETC500 racks suitable for carrying regular 250 kg and 500 kg bombs, plus two ETC1000 racks, which were designed for heavier ordnance of up to 1,000 kg.

The Ju 88 often carried a combination of these racks, so the mix and match is quite feasible.

Each rack comprises the main part plus four sway braces in resin and the bomb release mechanism.



The sway braces are delicately done, including a raised bump representing the adjusting wheel. Each sway brace is drilled out to accommodate two bomb stays, which should be cut from fine wire or stretched sprue.

The main racks will be very easy to clean up, with just a small casting stub at the end of each part. One this is done installation will be fast and easy - simply glue them to the bottom of your Revell Ju 88 wings. The bottom of the racks are cast to match the contour of Revell's wing, and full-colour instructions offer a step-by-step guide to installation.

MDC has also delivered two complimentary releases - SC 250 and SC 500 bombs in 1/32 scale. Each bomb is individually packed and comprise three resin parts - the head, body and tail - and a photo-etched fret including the tail fins, fuse and even a handy little stencil for making your own markings. No instructions are included, but assembly will be straightforward, as they tail and head is keyed with a cutout in each end of the central body. The tail also features slots to locate the photo-etched fins - a nice touch.

MDC's 1/32 scale ETC bomb racks and bombs are an essential addition for any modeller building Revell's big Ju 88 bomber.

Thanks Model Design Constructions the review sample

Model Design Constructions products are available online from their website

Review Text and Images Copyright 2009 by Brett Green
Page Created 10 September, 2009
Last updated 14 September, 2009

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