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Republic P-47D
1/32 Scale Cockpit Set for Hasegawa




S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description and Price:

CV32040 - Republic P-47D Cockpit for Hasegawa. Suitable up to production bock 40

Scale: 1/32
Price: £18.50 available online from MDC
Contents and Media: 65 parts in grey resin; 1 x part in clear resin; 1 x photo-etched fret; 1 x small sheet of instrument decals; length of fine wire.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Superb casting; exquisite detail; accurate; many useful options including different harness styles (all PE or PE buckles only), flat or corrgated floors, rudder pedals and instrument panels; crisply printed decals for dials; easy to follow illustrated instructions; even includes real stencils for spraying some cockpit markings!
Conclusion: Hasegawa's 1/32 scale cockpit is nice, but this is the Rolls-Royce option - beautifully cast and exquisitely detailed. You'll have plenty of bonus resin left over in your spares box too.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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In the tradition of their earlier large-scale releases, MDC's new 1/32 scale P-47D cockpit is a multi-media bonanza that will deliver a vast improvement to the front office of Hasegawa's large scale Thunderbolt family.

MDC's 1/32 scale Thunderbolt cockpit will suit P-47D variants up to production block 40 (i.e. P-47D-40), and the P-47M.



This set contains MDC's largest parts count for a replacement cockpit to date. It comprises 65 parts in grey coloured resin, a photo-etched fret with a choice of harness construction methods, plus a small sheet of dial decals for the instrument panel and a wound bundle of soft, fine wire. A clear resin part is also included for the gunsight reflector.

Resin parts are beautifully detailed and perfectly cast on my sample. Parts are numbered on the resin "sprues" - a helpful and unusual touch for this medium. These parts demonstrate a high level of attention to detail, including features cast directly onto the sidewalls and floor, but also subtly present throughout the entire set. A number of useful alternate parts are supplied, including corrugated and flat cockpit floors, two styles of instrument panel and two styles of rudder pedals.



The instrument panels are supplied with plain disks for the dials. These will be detailed with MDC's specific USAAF instrument decals (also supplied with the set). I like these decals and have used them on many occassions. With careful placement and a drop of clear varnish or epoxy glue over the top, they do look very authentic. The rear of the instrument panel is further detailed with individual instrument housings. A wound length of soft lead wire is provided for the instrument leads.

The reflector for the gunsight is clear resin.



The photo-etched fret contains a full harness including straps in brass, but also offers the option to cut your own harness straps from paper or lead foil and attach them to separate buckles and attachment points. Another remarlable detail on the fret are three real stencils so that you may spray markings onto the armoured rear bulkhead!



Instructions comprise a folded A4 sheet with photos of construction accompanied by logical text.





MDC's 1/32 scale P-47D cockpit will deliver a big improvement over Hasegawa's kit parts. Casting is perfect and detail really is exquisite.

In this large scale, all your effort will easily be visible through the open canopy.

Any modeller who has some experience working with resin accessories should have no trouble assembling and installing this cockpit.

Thanks to MDC for the review sample

Images and Text Copyright 2009 by Brett Green
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Last updated 18 March, 2009

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