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Messerschmitt Bf 109 F & G
Replacement Wings & Cockpit Sets

for Fine Molds kits

Bagheera Productions, 1/72 scale


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Catalogue No. and Description Bagheera Productions
BAG72001 - Bf 109 G Cockpit for Fine Molds kit
BAG72002 - Bf 109 G Replacement Wing for Fine Molds kit
BAG7200? - Bf 109 F Replacement Wing for Fine Molds kit

Replacement wings each USD$18.00 plus postage
Cockpit USD$15.00 plus postage
all available online via Wings n Treads website

Contents and Media: Cream coloured resin parts plus instructions.
Scale: 1/72 scale
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Immediate improvement to the excellent Fine Molds Bf 109 F and G kits; wings include dropped slats and poseable ailerons / flaps; excellent quality moulding; simple installation; beautifully detailed cockpit including harness cast in place.
Disadvantages: Wing dihedral will require modification (dihedral too small straight from the box); identity crisis for cockpit - see text below.
Conclusion: Fine Molds' 1/72 scale Bf 109 family is the best in this scale, and Bagheera's replacement wings and cockpit sets will make them even better


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Fine Molds' family of 1/72 scale Bf 109 F, G and K kits are the best Messerschmitt fighters in this scale. The main shortcomings of the kits are half-hearted cockpit detail and fixed control surfaces on the simple three piece wings.

Bagheera Productions has now addressed both these issues with three new accessories designed specifically for Fine Molds' Bf 109 kits.

BAG72001 - Bf 109 G Cockpit for Fine Molds kit

The first product is a replacement cockpit for Fine Molds' 1/72 scale Messerschmitt Bf 109 G.

Bagheera states that this set is for the Bf 109 G and K, but the K cockpit sidewalls were quite different to the G. In fact, this set is suitable for the Bf 109 G and would do for the Bf 109 F as well, which was essentially similar to the G cockpit.

Four parts make up this cockpit - the main tub with rear bulkhead, seat, rudder pedals and breech cover all cast in place; two sidewalls and a new resin mount for the kit instrument panel.



Detail is gorgeous. The cockpit tub is an impressive piece of casting. The harness straps are cast directly onto the seat, while the separate sidewalls are amazingly delicate. The panel behind the pilot's head includes the stowage door and latch.



Some experience with resin conversions will be helpful, not so much for installing the resin parts but for removing sidewall detail from Fine Molds' kit fuselage. With this preparation out of the way, though, construction should be quite straightforward.

This set will be s a very worthwhile addition to the Fine Molds kit.


BAG72002 - Bf 109 G Replacement Wing for Fine Molds kit

Bagheera's 1/72 scale Messerschmitt Bf 109 G Replacement Wing comprises eleven parts in cream coloured resin.

The wing is fitted with the small upper wing bulge, so it will be suitable for late G-4s fitted with the wider main wheels, most G-6s and G-14s, and some G-10s too. Check your references carefully for the wheels and bulges on your chosen subject.



Surface detail is every bit as good as the excellent Fine Molds' kit, and all the parts are very nicely cast. There are some pin holes visible under the surface of the flaps, so a coat of Mr Surfacer might be prudent before assembly.

The real value of this set, however, is the control surfaces.

While the kit control surfaces are fixed in the closed / neutral positions on the kit parts, Bagheera offers separate and poseable ailerons and flaps. The radiator flaps are correctly provided in two pieces each, so each section may be posed independently. The leading edge slats, often seen dropped in wartime photographs of the Bf 109 on the ground, are cleverly cast in the deployed position.



The concave bulge is also cast into the inside of the wheel well - a nice touch.

The wing is cast onto a full-span casting strip. This should be quite easy to remove with a sharp hobby blade and a sanding stick.

The only issue is the almost complete absence of dihedral on the resin replacement wing. The wing of the Bf 109 F, G and K should be 6° 32', so some modification will be required. There should be enough flex in the wing's centre section to permit the dihedral to be set at the wing root, glued in place and secured with tape from wing tip to wing tip until the adhesive dries.


BAG7200? - Bf 109 F Replacement Wing for Fine Molds kit

The same comments apply to this product except that the upper wing does not have the bulge.



Strangely though, the concave bulge is moulded to the inside of the wheel well!

Also, on my sample, I can clearly see sanding marks where the bulge has been removed from the master of the G wing. A few minutes with a fine sanding stick and Micro Mesh cloths will clean up these blemishes.





Bagheera Productions has delivered three excellent and useful accessories for Fine Molds' 1/72 scale Messerschmitt Bf 109 F and G kits.

Modellers with some previous resin experience should have no trouble preparing and installing these parts.

Thanks to Bagheera Productions for the review sample

Bagheera Productions products are available online from the Wings n Treads website

Review Text and Images Copyright 2009 by Brett Green
Page Created 27 January, 2009
Last updated 28 January, 2009

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