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Nimrod Engine Upgrade Set;
Nimrod Fin, SCP Intake & Nose Wheels

for Airfix kit


Alley Cat, 1/72 scale


S u m m a r y

Catalogue No., Description & Price

Alley Cat Item Number AC 72006C - Nimrod Engine Upgrade Set, £12.50 plus postage

Alley Cat Item Number AC72007C - Nimrod Fin, SCP Intake & Nose Wheels, £4.95 plus postage

both available online via A2Zee Models' website

Contents and Media: Salmon coloured resin. See details for each set below.
Scale: 1/72 scale
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent casting; useful targetting of areas requiring detail and accuracy improvement; detailed instructions; stout packaging.
Disadvantages: Kit surgery required, so experience with resin conversions / upgrades will be helpful.
Conclusion: Perfectly cast parts that will be an useful upgrade for your Airfix Nimrod, best suited to experienced modellers


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Alley Cat has released two new upgrade sets for the recent 1/72 scake Airfix Nimrod:

AC 72006C - Nimrod Engine Upgrade Set (pictured above)

Alley Cat has tackled the complex area of the Nimrod's engine intakes for this ambitious upgrade.

The set comprises 14 parts in caramel coloured resin covering the engine intakes, inboard flaps, exhaust tubes, rear engine top panels and thrust reverse panels. Two landing light covers are supplied in clear resin.

Quality of casting is well up to Alley Cat's high standards.

Due to the nature of the conversion, some serious kit surgery will be required, with cutting of the plastic parts and fairing in the resin replacements. This makes the conversion best suited to modellers with a few resin conversions and upgrades already under their belt.

The good news is that the instructions are quite clear and comprehensive, with a page of A4 text supplemented with another sheet of 15 construction photos.

The engine area is supplemented by new thrust reversers which are better in detail, and completely replace the kit parts that are located too far aft.

After the conversion work you will have a much more accurate and detailed engine area - not just the intakes but the inboard flaps, landing lights and thrust reversers too.

Postscript: Alistair of A2Zee Models has pointed out an issue that impacted only the first production batch of upgrades (including the sample seen here). On parts shipped before 20 December, the depth of the front lip of the engine set was slightly too round. These early production intakes may be modified by dipping in hot water and gently flattening the intake lips to obtain a flatter more oval shape. Please note that all sets shipped since 20 December have been corrected to the slightly flatter profile, so no further modification will be required.


AC72007C - Nimrod Fin, SCP Intake & Nose Wheels

This is a straightforward upgrade set to replace and improve several obvious areas of the Airfix 1/72 scle Nimrod kit.

The fin strake on the kit is very thick, so Alley Cat has supplied a new leading edge to replicate the thinner section of the real aircraft. The kit part will need to be cut out and replaced with the caramel-coloured resin item.



The two nose wheels and their guards are direct, drop fit replacements for the kit parts. The guards are especially impressive, being wafer thin and just about translucent. The wheels and guards will deliver an immediate and obvious improvement to the nose wheel assembly.

Finally, the small SCP Intake is also supplied in resin. This will be a direct replacement for the kit part too.

The parts are all cast onto narrow resin strips and should be easy to remove and clean up.





The Airfix 1/72 scale Nimrod kit is large and impressive. These Alley Cat uprades offer an improvement in detail and accuracy to several important areas of the kit, and is well worthwhile for anyone contemplating building the big Airfx kit.

Thanks to A2Zee Models for the review sample

Alley Cat and FAA Models' accessories are available from A2Zee Models  website

Review Text and Images Copyright 2009 by Brett Green
Page Created 21 January, 2009
Last updated 19 February, 2009

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