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Modeling the Ohka 22
in 1/72 and 1/48 scales

by Steve Zaloga

Ohka Type 22

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I n t r o d u c t i o n

Having already done a kit-bash of the most obscure Ohka, the Type 43 in 1/48 scale, I thought I would try my hand at a somewhat less obscure version, the jet-powered Type 22.

I had photographed the preserved example at NASM Udvar-Hazy. What I found especially intriguing about the Type 22 was that it was intended to be launched from the P1Y1 Ginga (Frances) rather than the larger Betty. So I decided to build a combination in 1/72 using the Hasegawa kit, but also to build a larger Ohka in 1/48 scale to get a better image for the photo illustration shown here.

While at the IPMS Nationals in Virgina Beach last year, I saw the resin 1/48 Ohka Type 22 from "Models & More", so this provided the 1/48 portion of the project.


C o n s t r u c t i o n


1/48 scale - Models & More

The Models & More kit is primarily resin with a vacu-form canopy and some white metal small parts.

Assembly was not particularly complicated, but it had the usual assortment of issues when building a limited-run resin kit. The fuselage comes in three sections, a nose, center section/cockpit, and a rear engine section. The fit of the nose and center section was fine, but the fit of the rear section was a bit more of an problem. The two air intakes are separate and they are neither hollow nor pre-formed to fit the fuselage, so they take some work to mount on the model. The tail assembly fit well. The wings presented the usual problem since there are no attachment points, so some wire spars are a help to provide structural integrity. The fit of the vacu-form canopy was a bit rough, and I have a suspicion that it may be an issue with the resin shrinking a little as the canopy seemed bit large for the fuselage.

None of these issues proved to be a show-stopper, but they add a level of complexity that will put off a casual builder.


Although the Japanese did construct a least one Ginga/Ohka Type 22 combination, there are no known photos. So the attachment of the Ohka under the Ginga is a bit of a mystery. It happens to fit in the bomb-bay fairly well, though the aft portion of the bomb-bay doors have to be removed from the Hasegawa Ginga kit to accomodate the Ohka. I built the Ginga kit pretty much straight from the box, though I did add the radar antenna.


1/72 scale - Hasegawa

I converted a Hasegawa Ohka Type 11 from the Hasegawa Betty/Ohka combination kit. This mainly involves a new rear engine comparment which I turned on a lathe. The wings also have to be reduced in span. This modeling project shows the reason why the Ohka Type 22 had the narrower wings: to clear the Ginga engine nacelles as seen in the photo here. I didn't go to any great trouble with the 1/72 Ohka markings as they aren't visible once the model is mounted inside the Ginga.


Model, Images and Text Copyright 2009 by Steve Zaloga
Page Created 12 May, 2009
Last Updated 12 May, 2009

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