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Hasegawa's 1/72 scale
Mig-25P Foxbat A

by Marcelo A. Durán


Mig-25P Foxbat A

Hasegawa's 1/72 scale Mig-25P Foxbat A is available from Squadron.com for less than $10.00




This is the Hasegawa 1/72 scale rendering of the Mig-25P Foxbat. The few kit panel lines were totally rescribed and with the help of the Aerofax Mig 25 Foxbat – Mig-31 Foxhound book on the shelf. New panel lines and many rivets were also scribed on the kit’s surface. The addition of such new panel lines and rivets gives an idea of the complex nature of this sophisticated machine.

I made the hydraulic fluid conducts in the wheel bays with brass and plastic tubing, and added a lot of detail to the landing gear with plastic and wire such as the retracting mechanism and brakes fluid oleos.



Mechanical retractors to close wheel bay doors were added too.

The mechanical intake doors were detailed with plastic and fine brass mesh.


The exhaust nozzles covers were made from small pieces of fine plastic.



Painting and Markings



I began painting by pre-shading the entire surface with Tamiya gloss black enamel. Then I applied the first shade of grey with a mix of Humbrol steel grey, Humbrol satin white and a few drops of Tamiya neutral grey. The next grey shade was the same with the addition of more neutral grey, and was applied in selected panels and registers.

The third shade was done with steel grey mixed with white. Then I masked nose radome cone, tailfins panels and wings mass stabilizers tips and applied a mix coat with neutral grey and satin white.

Next I masked exhaust area and painted it with different shades of steel and burnt iron mixed with few drops of clear yellow. The edges of horizontal stabilizers were masked and painted with steel in this stage.

I applied kit decals helped with Micro Sol, after a gloss clear cote.


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I emphasized panel lines and rivets with 2H sharp pencil, then I worked in different panels with pastel chalks and oil shades.



Finally I gave a mixed cote of dull and satin clear varnish.

Finishing Details

I glued the four AA-6 “Acrid” (2 R-40R + 2 R-40T) missiles, the undercarriage, main wheels, nose wheels, antennas, static discharge dipoles in wings and stabilizers trailing edges, exhaust nozzles and they covers.





This was a challenging but very enjoyable project of a Cold War era symbol, and one of the most wonderful and exiting aircraft of all time.




Additional Images


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Model, Images and Text Copyright © 2007 by Marcelo A. Durán
Page Created 06 September, 2007
Last Updated 24 December, 2007

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