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Classic Airframes' 1/48 scale
F-5B Freedom Fighter

by Kevin Martin


Northrop F-5B Freedom Fighter

Classic Airframes' 1/48 scale F-5B Freedom Fighter is available online from Squadron.com




Here is my study in the Brazilian F-5BB using the just recently released version of Classic Airframes Freedom Fighter in 1/48 scale.

Kit number 4133 is the same twin seater released before, reviewed and built by fine modelers as John Valo, Phil Hale and Fotios Rouch on this site a number of times.

This time out, markings are included for aircraft belonging to the USAF, Philippine Air Force, and the Brazilian version I present now. 



My model was built according to the instructions with some minor adjustments for the real world, mainly searching the internet for references to aid in the placement of parts and the correct colors. 

I found the the molded-in tabs on the main wings bothersome to fit into the slot created when the resin underside wheel well part is mated with the fuselage, and simplified my life by removing them. Some careful filing gave me a near perfect fit of wing to fuselage side, olid enough to allow my to hold with one hand and apply Tenax with the other. Very little filler used on this one.





The color guide isn't specific about exact shades used for the four colors required for this scheme. I translated tan to Floquil Railroad Colors Foundation, light gray as Floquil Railroad Colors Primer, dark green as Model Master Dark Green 34079 and a custom mix of dark gray to match colors found in pictures of existing Brazilian aircraft.



Overall a very interesting aircraft, and a unique colorful example to place in the collection.

Thanks to Classic Airframes for providing this example for construction.

Now it is back to things with props!



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Text, Images and Model Copyright 2007 by Kevin Martin
Page Created 29 March, 2007
Last Updated 24 December, 2007

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