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Monogram's 1/48 scale A-4E Skyhawk
Canuck Scooters

by Bob Aikens


Canadair CA-4L Skyhawk

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The kit for this project came from the stash of a friend-you know you just can't leave it sitting there-you gotta build it!

I had a Two Bob's Aggressor sheet and several high-vis possibilities, but finally settled for a 'what-iffer'. (always lots of fun).



Almost every modeler over a certain age must have tried at least one of Monogram's classic 1/48 scale A-4 kits. I think it may have been the original 1/48 Skyhawk. Fujimi's single and twin-seater may have been earlier, but seemed a bit [1/50?] smaller (1/50 scale?)






There are a number of predictable fit problems-getting the intake areas blended, and filling and blending the joint seam at the wing-slat areas.



This project was a bit of a lark to begin with so I just steamed ahead straight out of the box. The only additions were 2 rear-view mirrors from True Details.



Painting and Markings


The two-tone Canadian Light and Medium Greys were Tamiya blends thinned with that manufacturers thinner.

Glossing for decaling was done with Testors Glosscote 1261.

For the Canadian markings I snaffled a few cuts from the (very generous) Leading Edge CF-18 Hornet sheet.


All in all a bit of fun finished at about the time of the Winter equinox.



The Fantasy Continues...


Virtual Scooter & Super Scooter



The delirium continues as a profile image is created using a full-resolution 5mp side-on shot of the finished model. Moved into PhotoShop 7 the image is cut out, tidied-up, re-paneled and highlighted using the brush, line, and various PS tools.

This being done, it wasn't difficult to move on to a speculative Skyhawk II.



Fun, but missing the tactile and nasal pleasures of real modeling...



Additional Images


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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2007 by Bob Aikens
Page Created 18 May, 2007
Last Updated 24 December, 2007

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