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21st Century Toys' 1/32 scale
Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6

Pre-built and pre-painted model


Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6


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I just received 21st Century Toys' latest pre-built addition to their Messerschmitt family, a Bf 109 G-6 from JG 300 in an unusual natural metal finish and wearing white wing tips and rudder.

The model is supplied fully painted with markings already applied. The only construction required is to mate the wings with the fuselage, insert one screw, then literally plug in the oil cooler housing, antenna mast, DF loop, drop tank and pitot tube. Seven minutes work, and voila! It actually took longer to untwist the packaging ties than it did to complete the model.



Once assembled, the undercarriage operates (albeit to a very slightly splayed stance), the canopy opens, the slats can drop down and you may interchange the bomb and the drop tank.

The lineage of the 21st Century Toys' 1/32 scale Bf 109 F kit reviewed last year on HyperScale (which I built recently) is obvious. Panel lines are noticeably wider and softer than the latest injection moulded kits, and there are a few obvious gaps around the canopy and empennage - hardly surprising considering the kit is screwed together. The pips for the tropical umbrella are still on the fuselage side too, and the dreaded plugs for the screw holes are on display on the starboard side.

The overall shape, however, is very good indeed.



The paint and markings are equally good. The bare metal finish must surely be the natural enemy of any plastic model, let alone a replica that has been mass produced. Yet the result is convincing, with subtle variations of shade and suggestions of weathering, especially on the larger areas of the upper wing. Attention to detail extends even to the grey "painted" fabric control surfaces.

Markings are even better. They are perfectly opaque, completely free of any kind of residue or film and the detail is excellent. The tight squiggles and the victory marks on the rudder look good, as do the colours on dull red RV band and the lighter RLM 23 Red number "8". Also worthy of note is the authentically weathered upper wing crosses. These are a very creditable replication of the damaged markings on the real aircraft.



If you are looking for an attractive ornament for your shelf, or some inspiration for your own modelling projects, these pre-built and pre-painted kits from 21st Century Toys are certainly a nice option for minimal outlay in terms of both time and money.

Thanks to 21st Century Toys for the sample.

Images and Text Copyright 2007 by Brett Green
Page Created 20 July 2007
Last updated 24 December 2007

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