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Helmut Scherer




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I am a German scratch-builder and aviation enthusiast. My favorite subjects are C-planes in 1/48scale.

My first model was the 1/48 scale KC-97L seen in the March 1994 issue of FineScale Modeler.

My latest project is this Convair XC-99 transport plane in 1/48 scale. Only one was ever built, based on the B-36 design. The original aircraft still survives at Kelly AFB in Texas.

It remains the largest land-based, piston-engined cargo carrier in the world. 





The model is totally scratchbuilt. Even the tires are self-made.

First, the entire model was built in solid wood, and then vacu-formed in Polystyrene. Tires and spinners, propeller blades and other details were cast in resin. The wingspan of the model is nearly five feet.



The landing gear struts are soldered brass-tubes because of the weight of the model. The six pusher engines are operational via digital electronics and all the illumination is installed, including the blue formation lights on top of the fuselage and wings. It looks great in twilight!





For the aluminium look I used different colors of silver - Humbrol, Model Master Metalizer and a little of Alclad.



At present I am working on a Douglas C-124 Globemaster II in the same scale.




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