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Grumman AF-2W Guardian

by Fotios Rouch


Grumman AF-2W Guardian


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The Grumman Guardian was one of the more obscure U.S. Navy anti-submarine planes. There were a few different versions of the Guardian. The AF-2W was the hunter version, it had no armament and a big belly radar. About 150 were built.

The AF-2S was the killer version, it could carry 4,000 pounds of munitions (bombs, torpedo, depth charges, sonar buoys, etc). About 190 were built.

There was a later version of the Guardian that carried a "MAD" and this was the AF-3S about 40 of them were built.

The last Guardian was built in '53 and they were all retired by '55. The Guardian was eventually replaced by the Tracker.

I know of one Guardian at the Pensacola NavAir museum one in Phoenix (Confederate Air Force) and a water fighter Guardian at the Pima Air and Space.

For more details on these aircraft you can see my 27 Photo Walkaround of the Grumman Guardian by following this link.



Collect-Aire's 1/48 Scale Guardian

I have a soft spot for navy planes and I certainly like the big Helldivers, Maulers, Skyraiders, Guardians, etc.

The Collect-Aire Guardian is a very nice kit mastered by my favorite maker and it is cast in the US. The master is magnificent and very much to my liking. The surface detail is very nice and the engraving is delicate and very consistent. As you can see from the parts pictures, the resin quality is pretty good. Yes there are pinholes and flash as you can see but all is easily corrected. If you recognize the tan resin color it is because you have seen it in Koster's kits.



The parts were all straight with no warpage. The fuselage is hollow and thin much like an injected kit. Same goes for the wings. The vac canopies (2 provided) were very thin and clear but the frame details were faint and a little difficult to make out.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images of instructions and kit parts:


There is a lot of interior detail provided and it all matches pretty well with the Ginter book on the Guardian (a very valuable reference). There are decals provided to make 3 versions. After I finished this Guardian I bought another one which I will finish as a reserve (Gray/White and orange) bird as it served towards the end of its life.

Highly Recommended.



Additional Images


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Model, Images and Article Copyright 2002 by Fotios Rouch
Page Created 11 February 2002
Last updated 04 June 2007

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