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A Bunch of Spooks
F-110As, F-4Bs & F-4Cs

fundekals, 1/48 scale



Coming soon from fündekals!

A Bunch of Spooks:  F-110As, F-4Bs, and F-4Cs

Following close on the heels of our big 8th TFW Wolfpack MiG Hunter F-4C project is this one, featuring, at long last *accurate*, thoroughly researched markings for the very first USAF F-4s.  The decal includes markings for both of the McDonnell “F-110As” (borrowed Navy F-4Bs) in both their rollout/handover scheme with “F-110A” titles, and their service test scheme.  We have painstakingly researched the markings carried on these historic aircraft, as well as the airframe details that made them unique, and we think you’re going to find some things you’ve never seen before!

Next are some accurate, painstakingly researched markings for one of the follow-on borrowed F-4Bs used by the 4453rd Combat Crew Training Squadron at MacDill AFB, Florida, pending delivery of the first F-4Cs in 1963, again with details we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen before.  More markings for some of the earliest F-4Cs delivered, with copious detail notes on how these early aircraft differed from what we all assume to be “standard” F-4Bs and Cs.  



To round things out, and just becuase the markings and the story behind them are so interesting, a Marine F-4B that got trapped (in more ways than one) aboard HMS Ark Royal, that came very close to causing an international diplomatic incident in 1973!  As usual, our decal for this aircraft, though it has been done elsewhere before, is complete and accurate, based on extensive research.  And again, as usual, our comprehensive instructions will give you not only color and marking information, but lots of details on the specifics of the airframe itself, plus the fascinating back story of why this odd looking jet came to be.

The decals are currently in production by Cartograf in Italy - the world’s premier silkscreen printer.  We hope to have them in hand by the end of this horrendous excuse for a year.  Stay tuned for more information on price an availability as we get it.  

Available soon via our web site at www.fundekals.com and selected retailers world wide.

Thanks to fundekals for the information and images.

Text and Images Copyright 2020 by Fundekals
Page Created 19 October, 2020
Last updated 19 October, 2020

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