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Messerschmitt B.f.W. M-23b

Brengun, 1/48 scale

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Catalogue Number:

Brengun Kit No. BRS48008 - Messerschmitt B.f.W. M-23b



Contents & Media

34 parts in grey resin; nine photo-etch parts; markings for one subject.


Euro 48.21 (incl. VAT) plus shipping available online from Brengun


£43.50 EU Price (£36.25 outside Europe) plus shipping available online from Hannants

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Review Type:

First Look.


High quality casting; fine and crisp surface textures; high level of detail.


Resin parts will demand more time and care to clean up and align parts.


Brengun's 1/48 scale Messerschmitt B.f.W. M-23b is a crisply cast and well-detailed kit of a rare and interesting subject.

Reviewed by Brett Green

Eduard's 1/72 Avia B.534 IV serie Weekend Edition is available online from Squadron.com




The BFW M.23, sometimes known as the Messerschmitt M 23, was a 1920s two-seat sporting aircraft designed by Willy Messerschmitt, and produced by Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFW). Examples won several prestigious races in 1929 and 1930.    

The first of three production variants, the M.23a used low-powered engines and had a very angular vertical tail.

The M.23b had curved upper fuselage decking and a more rounded tail and was produced with a large range of engines, both inline and radial. The length depended slightly on the engine fitted.

The final version, the M.23c had an enclosed cockpit, the most powerful engines and was slightly larger (200 mm/8 in in span, around 500 mm/20 in in length) than the earlier variants. Its tail was again different, more rounded at the top and missing the elevator cutaway of the earlier models.

At least one M.23b appeared on floats. *

* Historical background courtesy of Wikipedia





Brengun has delivered an almost all-resin kit of the Messerschmitt M.23b.

The kit comprises just 34 parts in grey resin and another nine photo-etched detail parts on a small single fret.

Casting quality is excellent. Casting blocks are pretty minimal and should not present a challenge to anyone who already has a few multimedia kits under their belt.

Surface textures are crisp and fine.

The fuselage is split into port and starboard halves with cockpit side frames cast onto the inside of the parts.



The wings are presented as port and starboard in one piece each.



The cockpit looks really nice with a single casting providing the floor (with actuator and rudder mounts), the rear bulkhead, the rear backrest complete with harness straps. The balance of the cockpit is fitted out with an additional 12 parts, which include both seat bases, the control column, rudder pedals, throttles and more.



The undercarriage struts look to be the trickiest part to clean up, although it is an impresive piece of casting to be presented as a single part.



The engine is well detailed with individual cylinders and exhaust manifoldsThe crank case sits snugly inside the nose.



Clear acetate film is provided for the instrument dials and the two windscreens. A resin former is provided to bend the shape of the foil correctly. The instructions advise to heat the foil and then press it against the former.

Instructions are supplied on a small folded double-sided sheet. They are pretty basic but provide enough detail to get the job done, including colour callouts for the interior and exterior.

The decals are supplied on a small single sheet with decal film covering from end to end, so you'll have to cut out the individual markings.



They also appear to be laser printed, so you'll have to handle them carefully.





Brengun's 1/48 scale Messerschmitt B.f.W. M-23b is a crisply cast and well-detailed kit of a rare and interesting subject.

Thanks to Brengun for the review sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2019 by Brett Green
Page Created 28 May, 2019
Last updated 28 May, 2019

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