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All Hellenic Air Force F-16

Euro Decals, 1/72 & 1/48 scales

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Catalogue Number, Description and Price

All Hellenic Air Force F-16

1/72 scale - USD$15.00

1/48 scale - USD$21.00

plus shipping available direct from TG Decals

Review Type: One decal sheet; self-adhesive reinforcement plates; tail marking masks; instructions.
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Perfectly printed; interesting subjects; full colour instructions though.
Disadvantages: You'll need to find your own references for aircraft other than the two subjects on the instruction sheet.
Conclusion: A high quality decal offering from this new company in 1/72 and 1/48 scales.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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TG Decals is a brand new decal and mask company from Guatemala.

Their second offering is a decal sheet that covers all F-16s in service with the Hellenic Air Force. Variants include the F-16C/D Block 30, F-16C/D Block 50, F-16C/D Block 52+ and F-16C/D Block 52M.

TG Decals' package comprises one decal sheet, two folded double A4 instruction sheets (four pages), and a self-adhesive sheet with two reinforcement plates plus a small die-cut tail masking sheet.



The instructions are quite detailed and include notes on the F-16 in the Hellenic Air Force, instructions for positionug the reinforcement plates, and one double-sided folded colour sheet of the three-tone camouflage scheme using the examples of an F-16C Block 30 and an F-16D Block 52.

Paint callouts are included in FS numbers and for Model Master, Humbrol, Tamiya, Gunze, Vallejo, Revell, LifeColor, and Hakata.



A number of colourful tail marking strips are offered, including a Tiger pattern, plus five unit emblem artwork (330 Mira, 337 Mira, 341 Mira, 346 Mira and 347 Mira. A small self-adhesive masking sheet is also incuded for the 330 Mira tail lightning bolt.



Two specific schemes are shown but you should be able to depict any Hellenic F-16 thanks to the number jungle included on the decal sheet. You'll need to find your own references for aircraft other than the two subjects on the instruction sheet though.



Stencil markings and walkways are also included on the compact decal sheet. It looks like there are enough national markings and stencils to cover two models.

The decal sheet is in register. The carrier film is glossy and looks very thin. The decals have been designed and developed in Guatamala, but there is no indication as to who printed them. They look very good though.



The plates are supplied on a sheet of die-cut black self-adhesive vinyl.

This is a high quality offering of a somewhat unusual and certainly interesting subject.

Thanks to TG Decals for the sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2019 by Brett Green
Page Created 19 February, 2019
Last updated 19 February, 2019

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