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On The Fly

by Marcelo Ribeiro

MMP Books Spotlight On Series


S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number, Description and ISBN:

MMP Books
On The Fly
Spotlight On Number 16
by Marcelo Ribeiro
ISBN: 978-83-65958-04-4

Contents & Media:

Hard cover, A4 glossy paper, 46 pages.


GBP£19 plus shipping available online from MMP Books

or from specialist book and hobby shops.

Review Type:

First Look


Lovely range of quality images from a most competent digital artist.


I do not like that each image is spread across a double page so is interrupted by the central fold line.


This is a fine hard-backed record of some of the work of a talented digital aeroplane artist. Just right for the coffee table in the modeller’s den or man cave.

Reviewed by Graham Carter

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I was unfamiliar with this series under the Mushroom Models moniker although I see in the rear of the book that a number of ‘Spotlight On’ volumes have focussed on the digital artwork of Eastern European digital artists. Previous volumes seem to have focussed on a specific aircraft type, such as the Bf f109, Ju 87, Corsair and F5E Tiger for example.



This slim hard-back A4 has a glossy cover and 46 semi-gloss pages that highlight the work of Marek Rys, who includes a brief introduction to his work at the beginning, and a resume on the rear cover. In this he explains his interest in the use of computer technology in rendering realistic images of aircraft against suitable backgrounds as demonstrated by the lovely head-on image of a Spitfire IX on the cover. I feel that it might have been useful to have had an explanation, step-by-step, of just how Marek produces his masterpieces.



There are 23 images in total, all of very high quality but there are no accompanying captions, just the title to identify the aircraft type. The range of types is quite broad, ranging from the Bristol Fighter and Fokker VII through Caudron 704 and MS 406, Spitfires, Junkers 87 and 88, some jets such as MiGs 19 and 29, and a  B58 Hustler as well as a couple of ‘Whatifs’ such as the Bartini T118 and Junkers long range bomber project.



I do like the style of Marek’s work and my only reservation is that every single image is spread across two portrait-oriented pages so that each is split by the centre-fold seam.  While I realise that this allows images to be produced in large format, close to A3, I believe that a landscape format would have allowed uninterrupted single page image reproduction. This would have encouraged buyers to remove them for mounting if desired. This is a personal gripe but other readers might be put off by this style of presentation.





This is a fine hard-backed record of some of the work of a talented digital aeroplane artist. Just right for the coffee table in the modeller’s den or man cave.

Thanks to MMP Books  for the sample.

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North American distributors are MMD, Australian distributors are Platypus Publications. In Europe, the books are available from any good bookshop (via our UK distributors, Orca). Contact MMP direct in case of difficulties. 

Thanks to Roger at MMP Books  for the sample.

Review Copyright 2018 by Graham Carter
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Last updated 20 February, 2019

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