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Luftwaffe Radar Antenna Sets

Brengun, 1/48 scale

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BRL48100 - FuG-10 FuG-101 FuG-227 FuBi-2 Radar Antennas

BRL48099 - FUG-200 Antennas




Contents & Media

Four parts in grey resin.


Both sets same price
5.63 plus shipping available online from Brengun
GBP£5.10 EU/£4.25 Export Price/US$5.10 plus shipping available online from Hannants


and specialist hobby retailers worldwide

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First Look.


Fine etch material and clear detail.


Will need really careful assembly with multiple etch parts glued together.


Both sets will provide a finer set of antennas than you’re likely to get with injection moulded parts. These 2 sets cover a multitude of aircraft types.

Reviewed by David Couche

Eduard's 1/72 Avia B.534 IV serie Weekend Edition is available online from Squadron.com




The Luftwaffe used a range of different radar based equipment on many different types of their aircraft, for night operations, sea searches etc. The FuG-200 system was used on Ju-88, He-177, Bv-222, Fw-200, Ju-290 and a number of other long range reconnaissance aircraft. It was recognised by the 3 largish antenna arrays on the nose of these aircraft, as shown below.



The FuG-10 FuG-101 FuG-227 and FuBi-2 types were used across numerous different aircraft but included Bf-110, Fw-190, Ju-88, Do-17 (and variants) and others.



BRL48100  -   FuG-10 FuG-101 FuG-227 FuBi-2 Radar Antennas



Brengun has produced a nicely detailed brass sheet of etch with antennae for 4 different systems being the FuG-10 FuG-101 FuG-227 FuBi-2 systems. This set has 13 parts covering the 4 systems complete. This set can be used for more than one kit. A single sided strip of instructions comes with the set. These instructions inform you that you need to check your references for individual aircraft to ensure you have the correct antenna.



These parts are quite fine, so be very careful in their removal from the sheet and I would think that their addition to the model would be very late in the finishing steps to avoid catching them on things or bending them.


Brengun BRL48099 - FUG-200 Antennas



The FuG-200 radar antennas have a multitude of small arrays and will be very fragile when building and mounting them. As above, their addition to the model would be close to the very end of finishing.

The set comprises of 23 fine brass etched parts. The construction of the arrays will require either a jig to balance and align the parts for each array or an incredibly steady hand.



When completed these arrays will certainly add some finesse to the front of your aircraft.




These are detailed and fine photo-etch sets for Luftwaffe aircraft that have been produced by Brengun.  Sets like these are usable on any brand kit that is applicable and cover more than one aircraft so are very useful. I would recommended them for builders of Luftwaffe reconnaissance or night operations aircraft.

Thanks to Brengun for the review samples.

Review Text Copyright 2019 by David Couche
Page Created 14 June, 2019
Last updated 14 June, 2019

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