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Messerschmitt Me 262
Wheel Sets

Hussar Productions
1/48 & 1/32 scalse

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

Hussar Productions Item Nos.:
HSR32009 - Messerschmitt Me 262 Wheels (1/32 scale)
HSR48009 - Messerschmitt Me 262 Wheels (1/48 scale)
Spitfire Mk.IX in Color

Contents and Media:

Each set contains four parts in grey resin


Available online from AirConnection for

CAD$14.99 plus shipping for 1/32 scale wheels

CAD$12.99 plus shipping for 1/48 scale wheels


1/32 and 1/48 scales

Review Type:

First Look.


Crisp casting; excellent detail; simple preparation and installation.


None noted.


A simple but worthwhile upgrade for any Messerschmitt Me 262 kits in 1/32 or 1/48 scales.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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They don't come much simpler than this!

Hussar Productions has released two new sets of wheels for Messerschmitt Me 262 models in 1/32 and 1/48 scales.



Each of the sets are made up from four parts in grey resin. Included are two main wheels with fish-scale tread pattern, plus two different styles of nose wheel.

Detail is crisp and really fine, with raised hydraulic lines and nice deep features.



The main wheels are ready to use straight from the box. There are no casting blocks and the hole for the axle is already hollow.

The nose wheels are cast onto modest blocks that should be fast and easy to remove and clean up.

The wheels are all very subtly flattened and bulged.



No instructions are included, but nor are they really required!


1/48 scale set

These wheels will be suitable for the Revell, Hasegawa and Trumpeter Me 262 A and B kits in 1/32 scale; and to a whole wealth of different models and Stormbird variants in 1/48 scale.





This is a simple but worthwhile upgrade for any Messerschmitt Me 262 kits in 1/32 or 1/48 scales.

Thanks to Air Connection for the sample

Hussar Products are available online from Air Connection

Text and Images Copyright 2014 by Brett Green
Page Created 16 April, 2018
Last updated 17 April, 2018

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