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Blenheim Mk.IV
in Finnish Service

SBS Model, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Item No. SBS Model Item No. D72019 - Blenheim Mk.IV in Finnish Service
Contents and Media: Markings for four aircraft on one decal sheet; full colour instructions.
Scale 1/72

Euro 8 plus shipping available online from SBS Model

(also available in 1/48 scale for Euro 10)

Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Interesting subjects; decals in perfect register; three-view diagrams in colour.

These decals offer some interesting alternatives for your 1/72 scale Blenheim Mk.IV kits.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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In 1936, the Finnish Air Force became the first export customer for the Blenheim, ordering 18 Blenheim Mk Is, which were delivered from Britain between June 1937 and July 1938. Two years later, Finland obtained a manufacturing license for the Blenheim. Before any aircraft could be manufactured at the Valtion lentokonetehdas (State Aeroplane Factory) in Finland, the Winter War broke out, forcing the Finns to order more aircraft from the UK. A further 24 British-manufactured Blenheims were ordered during the Winter War and were delivered from the RAF's own stocks.

In the aftermath of the Winter War, 55 Blenheims were constructed in Finland, the final aircraft being completed in September 1944; this brought the total number of Blenheims in Finnish service to 97 (75 Mk Is and 22 Mk IVs). The Finns also received 20 half-completed ex-Yugoslavian Mk IV Blenheims captured by Germany, together with manufacturing tools, production equipment, and a huge variety of spare parts, although some of these had been damaged or otherwise destroyed through sabotage. Yugoslavia had ceased production of the Mk I and commenced a production run of Mk IVs just prior to the April 1941 invasion.

The Finnish Blenheims flew 423 missions during the Winter War, and close to 3,000 missions during the Continuation War and Lapland War. Blenheim machine-gunners also shot down eight Soviet aircraft. Thirty-seven Blenheims were lost in combat during the wars.

After the war, Finland was prohibited from flying bomber aircraft by the Paris Peace Treaty, with Finland's Blenheims being placed into storage in 1948. However, in 1951, five Blenheims were re-activated for use as target tugs, with the last flight of a Finnish Blenheim taking place on 20 May 1958. *

* Historical summary adapted from Wikipedia





S.B.S. Model is a Hungarian company that produces resin kits, multimedia accessories and decals.

They have recently released 1/72 scale decals for Finnish Blenheim Mk.IVs.



This set covers four Finnish Blenheim Mk.IVs that saw service during the period 1941 - 1956.

Three subjects are finished in Finnish colours, with one having solid green upper surfaces and the other two with disruptive green and black. The postwar aircraft is finished in overall Aluminium Dope with a darker alloy on the engine nacelles.



Instructions offer three views in full colour for each subject (both sides and top, plus scrap view drawings where they are helpful) and notes on the camouflage and markings.

The decals are provided on a single sheet.



There is no mention of who has printed the decals, but they look similar to Eduard's. Colours are vivid and registration is perfect.





These decals offer some interesting alternatives for your Airfix 1/72 scale Airfix Blenheim M.IV kit.

Thanks to SBS Model for the samples

Review Text Copyright © 2017 by Brett Green
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Last updated 3 October, 2017

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