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PG-117 Soviet Assault Boat


YS Masterpieces, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: YS Masterpieces Kit Number K 4801 - PG-117 Soviet Assault Boat
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 25 parts in grey and bream coloured resin
Price: 35 Euro available online from YS Masterpieces website (order via contact details on website)
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent quality moulding; high level of detail; subdued surface features, fascinating subject; includes lovely little Maxim gun; unlimited diorama potential.
Disadvantages: No clear material supplied for windscreen.
Conclusion: A beautifully presented kit of an unusual subject.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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Now here is something completely different!

YS Masterpieces is a new company that produces bases, accessories, busts and figures.

Their first 1/48 scale full kit is a PG-117 Soviet Assault Boat. These boats were used extensively by the Red Army in WWII for river assaults and re supply.

YS Masterpieces' 1/48 scale PG-117 Soviet Assault Boat comprises 25 parts in grey and cream coloured resin.

The centrepiece is a beautifully cast, one piece hull. This includes impressively undercut interior detail comprising a rear bench seat and textured timber floor, with structural detail cast onto the interior sidewalls.


  • YS Masterpieces 1/48 scale PG-117 Soviet Assault Boat: Image
  • YS Masterpieces 1/48 scale PG-117 Soviet Assault Boat: Image
  • YS Masterpieces 1/48 scale PG-117 Soviet Assault Boat: Image
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This large casting is almost ready to use straight from the box, with only a few small pieces of scrap material to be removed from the bottom of the hull. Scoops, bollards and other surface details are cast onto the hull deck.

The hull is supplemented by 24 smaller parts. The make up two seats for the front of the boat, a lively little Maxim gun with ammo container and mount, windscreen frame, prop and shaft, steering wheel, instrument panel, transmission, rudder, spotlight and oars. Even a resin flag is supplied for the back deck, although I will probably replace this with an item made from thin lead foil or paper.



The only obvious missing element is a sheet of clear acetate for the clear windscreen. A template for cutting to size might have been nice too. In any event, it should not be hard to source some clear plastic (from a shirt box, for example) and cut to fit the resin windscreen frame.

The detail parts are mostly attached to small casting blocks, although the seats are captured in a thin wafer of resin. Cleanup should be quite fast and simple in any case, but some care will be advisable when removing the resin windscreen frame.

Parts breakdown is quite simple and the instructions are basic but adequate. It looks like this will be a very fast build. I am feeling very tempted just looking at the contents!





If you are looking for a first all-resin kit project; or if you are just feeling a bit jaded with run-of-the-mill aircraft or armour subjects, YS Masterpieces' 1/48 scale Soviet Assault Boat might just be for you.

It is beautifully cast, well detailed and the multicolored camouflage scheme will offer additional interest to the smooth lines of the boat.

The boat will look great by itself, but it also offers almost unlimited diorama potential. I can just see this model moored alongside the bank of a resin River Spree, unloading to a GAZ staff car. Tamiya's 1/48 scale WWII Russian Infantry & Tank Crew will be a perfect load for this Assault Boat too.

I am suitably impressed with this debut kit from YS Masterpieces.

Thanks to YS Masterpieces for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2008 by Brett Green
Page Created 2 October, 2008
Last updated 2 October, 2008

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