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AML's 1/72 scale
Avia S-199 "Messer"

by Yoav Efrati


Avia S-199 "Messer"

 AML's 1/72 scale Avia S-199 is available online from Squadron.com




Here are some photos of the latest model airplane that I completed, the Czechoslovakian made S-199 version of the Second World War vintage German Messerschmitt Bf 109.

During Israel's 1948 war of independence, Czechoslovakia was the only country willing to break the UN imposed arms embargo on Israel.



In May of 1948 Czechoslovakia sent to Israel her first fighter plane, the S-199 Avia and later the Spitfire Mk.9.
Use of the S-199 Avia lasted less than a year as poor takeoff and landing handling characteristics, improvised landing field, and lack of pilot skill resulted in 23 Avias' being lost to various causes in a very short time.

To replace the Avia also termed "Messer" by those who flew her, the government of Israel acquired the Spitfire Mk.9, made redundant to the Czechoslovakian air force who were transitioning to the MiG-15 jet fighter.



Although considered an inferior airplane at the time, the S-199 Avia and the pilots of the 101 squadron were instrumental in stopping the Egyptian Army's advance north to Tel Aviv on 29 May 1948 when they stopped the enemy at the outskirts of Ashdod at what is known today as "Gesher-Ad-Halom".

On June 3rd, 1948 101 squadron commander, Modi Alon shot down two Egyptian Dakota bombers over Tel Aviv and Rishon Le Tzion ending enemy fighter plane attacks on Israel's population at that time.


I hope that you enjoy the results of my efforts and the small bit of history they represent.


Additional Images


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Last Updated 24 December, 2007

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