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Roden's 1/32 scale
Albatros D.III

by Jerry Creager


Albatros D.III

Roden's 1/32 scale Albatros D.III is available online from Squadron.com




Here is my 1/32 scale Roden Albatros D.III

This aircraft represents the late model OAW-built D.III’s of Jasta 50 at Autremencourt in early 1918.



A picture of this aircraft can be seen on page 30 of The Windsock datafile “Albatros Fighters”





The kit was built per the instructions except for the modifications listed below. I painted the entire interior with oils to simulate the wood grain. Once the two fuselage halves were closed up most of the interior is hidden except for the cockpit.

The major modifications were to change the rudder to the rounded type typical of the OAW airframes. The radiator was off set to the starboard of the center of the upper wing.


Engine detail included adding ignition wiring and valve springs.

A combination of Tom’s Model Works and Eduard photo etched parts were used to detail the access covers and machine gun jackets.



Painting and Markings


Four color lozenge decals were used for the upper and lower surfaces. The upper decal was from the Roden Fokker D.VI kit and the lower was from Battle Axe. I found the Battle Axe decals to be too thin and transparent. BA recommends that an undercoat of gray paint be applied before decaling otherwise any flaws in the paint would show through the decal.

The aircraft number on the vertical stabilizer was printed on an ink jet printer using Testor's decal paper.

Oil paints were used for the exterior wood fuselage and prop. The personal marking around the fuselage aft the cockpit was painted on using acrylics as are the squadron marking on the tail.


The turnbuckles were made of twisted .003 soft wire and the rigging is a gray thread used for tying fishing fly’s.

Other than the above mentioned modifications the kit was built pretty much box stock.

If you are a WWI modeler I can highly recommend this kit. I can’t wait for a D.V



Additional Images


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Model, Images and Text Copyright © 2007 by Jerry Creager
Page Created 10 December, 2007
Last Updated 24 December, 2007

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